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Earnest "Teddy" Perkins-Coggins
Badgerland Classic Tournament Director

Lee Kampa
Commissioner of Badgerland Softball League

Dean Blaser
Assistant Commissioner of Badgerland Softball League

Badgerland Softball
PO Box 260139
Madison, WI 53726-0139 

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2017 Tournament - 17 Participating Teams
C Division:
Champions: Chicago Black Widows
2nd: Chicago Crew
3rd: Chicago Instant Replay
D Division:
Champions: Chicago Shade
1st Runner Up: Kansas City/Twin Cities TBD's
2nd Runner Up: Twin Cities Racers
Cheese Cup Winner - Milwaukee Screwballs

Felicia Melton-Smyth Spirit Award Winner - Madison Big Cheese

2016 Tournament - 14 Participating Teams
C Division:
Champion - Chicago Black Widows
1st Runner Up - Madison Big Cheese
2nd Runner Up - Milwaukee Stingers
D Division:
Champions - Chicago Fire
1st Runner Up - Des Moines Master Batters
2nd Runner Up - KC Express

Cheese Cup - Chicago Jox